So this is what happened to me last week. We originally planned to go to LA for the Korean Music Festival. So we were planning to be there on the 27th April and come back on the 29th.

On Monday of that week, my boss came back from Vegas and went straight to the office dragging his luggage. The first thing he did was walk up to the board and wrote down the word ‘Workcation’. Then he announced to everyone,”How would you guys feel if we were to work from Newport Beach for a week?”

I was kinda confused at first but everyone was getting excited. Everyone was down for it and all the details were planned out within 3 days lol. We booked a place, arranged transportation etc. This was planned for the Sunday 29th April up to May 4th.

Me and Jeff was like…so..we are already down there, so we might as well meet up somewhere. We were thinking of the most convenient way to meet up and then Jason, one of my co-workers said,”Why don’t we meet up halfway on the 5?”

Yes! That was a good idea. So the next thing we did was plan out the logistics of that. We decided to meet up at Kettleman. Somewhere between all this chaos, we found out that one of our friends is moving to LA for work so we won’t have much time to hang out together again.

And such a coincidence he was going to be there on May 5th for the weekend. So we decided to extend out stay for the weekend again. Lol. Such a hectic week! So our 3 day LA trip for KMF changed to a 10 day trip instead.

Working at the beach was fun! We worked for few hours in the morning and then hang out at the beach or just laze around then go out at night. There was a lot of eating and drinking and I ended up gaining 5 pounds =(

We also went to Boomers, bowling and also managed to catch the midnight premiere of Avengers! Pics tomorrow lol. Too lazy now =p

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