Weekend getaway at Clear Lake

I mentioned last week that I was going to clear lake for a weekend vacation with my husband and his cousins. We had fun just relaxing and chilling doing nothing much lol. The vacation house that was rented was the one on 13550 Anderson Road Lower Lake , CA 95457.

Its a huge fully furnished 3 storey house. Let me breakdown what’s available on the different floors.

Top floor

  • 1 bedroom with double bed and a toilet with bathtub. Also have balcony access with lake view
  • 1 bedroom with 2 single bed that have 2 extra single bed that can be pulled out and a small closet

Ground floor

  • 2 bedrooms with double beds and closets
  • 1 toilet with bathtub
  • 1 toilet only
  • kitchen area with everything you would need to cook (pots, utensils,¬†microwave, dish washer, fridge, plates etc).
  • 1 dining area and 1 counter area to eat at
  • 1 living room that overlooks the lake and a balcony/patio area that you can hang out at overlooking the lake.
  • A large sofa that has double bed built in

Lower floor

  • 1 bedroom with one double bed
  • A small sink area with microwave and fridge
  • 1 toilet with bathtub
  • 1 living room area with a large TV
  • porch/balcony access that connects to the ground floor and also to the dock and the boathouse


  • 2 floors, 1 bedroom with double bed and toilet (it was kinda dirty here so we didn’t actually stay in the boathouse)
  • bottom floor is the shed have some tools and can hold a boat

This house comes with everything fully furnished down to towels, soap, extra pillows, blankets etc. The best thing about it is that there’s a built in heater that keeps us nice and warm, hot water and also free wireless!! Oh and I forgot to mention there’s a fully functioning BBQ grill also.

Throughout the weekend, we just hang around, watch some shows on Netflix, take walks on the dock, tried to fish but no luck. =(

You can also rent a boat to go fishing but we didn’t do that. So..in total, 3 families went with 13 adults and 2 kids. It was a lot of fun to just relax and eat! I ate so much over the weekend I gained 3 pounds when I came back. >.<

The only complaint I have on this trip is the drive there! Its not that long (about 2.5 hrs from my place) but there’s one part of the road that’s really tricky as we had to navigate through the mountain. Think Lombard Street but 15 mins longer. It was kinda scary at night when you can’t see anything and have to go at 20mph.

I would definitely want to go there again and now I know what to bring and what not to. As it was our first time going there, we prepared for the worst. Bringing our own blankets, sleeping bags, portable heater, pots and lots of extra food which was unnecessary as there’s a Walmart 15 mins drive away. Well, next time we know!

Now for some pictures of the place.

Entrance to the house

Entrance to the house

Bathroom sink

Bathroom sink

Balcony / patio area

Clear lake vacation house

View of the house from the lake

Fishing area

dock area to get on/off the boat and fish




The dcck for the house next door is so much nicer! lol

Trying to catch some fish

Trying to catch some fish

Beautiful morning view

Beautiful morning view of clear lake

Lower floor

Lower floor

Cute personalized pillows all over the living room

Cute personalized pillows all over the living room. Makes me feel more at home =)

Our stuff all over the living room

Our stuff all over the living room hehe

Our messy kitchen counter

Our messy kitchen counter


Beautiful vineyards on the way there

Image credit: Zillow and my own!

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