Valentine’s Day Dinner

For dinner I picked Zazang korean noodle (link here). I picked something that’s normal because I don’t really like those fancy places and stuff. I don’t really get why girls out there make such a big fuss if their other half don’t do anything special or bring them out to fancy places.

The way I think, I rather go to a normal place and get lots and lots of food than pay for some fine dining which costs so much for so little food.

I guess some people can argue that its not just for food, its for service etc. but… whatever lol. I rather pick something simple unless its somewhere special such as a show + dinner etc.

Anyways, we ordered some Jajangmyun and the special fried chicken. Soooo goood.



Zazang is our go to spot everytime we crave for jajangmyun. I’ve tried several places and so far nothing can beat this place. Even the ones in LA.

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