The Walking Dead Comic

Just a quick update. Received my walking dead comics yesterday! So excited to read it. I was deciding between the compendiums or the volumes and in the end I got the volumes because of the following factors:-

Compendium Pros

  • cheap
  • all in one
  • compacted into 2 volumes

Compendium Cons

  • too thick. I don’t like it when my books are too thick and leaves a crease down the middle if I open it too wide.
  • too heavy to bring around. Over 1000 pages in each compendium

Volumes (paperback) Pros

    • cover graphic is cool and it joins up with the next book. (i’m a sucker for packaging lol)
    • small and easy to carry around

Volumes (paperback) Cons

  • expensive! About $10 per book and there’s currently 16 books

The Walking Dead Comic Paperback

The Walking Dead Comic Paperback

The covers are so nice. You can see why I chose the paperbacks right?? Lol. It costs way more though. Like triple the price of the compendiums. I was deciding on whether to get the hardcover ones too but the covers are just too plain so I just bought the paperback ones. Can’t wait to read it over my long weekend! =)

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