Thanksgiving Dinners!

Hello Kitty thanksgivingKinda late but happy thanksgiving!! I had a total of 4 thanksgiving dinners this year. 4!!! I don’t even know how much weight I put on lol. The food was great every time. First day we had dinner at home, then dinner at Jeff’s cousin’s place, followed by dinner at a friend’s place then finally dinner at home again but with Jeff’s mother side of the family.

My favorite dishes out of the 4 days are the crabs, Vietnamese egg rolls, crabs and more crabs. I had so much crabs that I was breaking out in red spots all over and it started itching. =(

At first it was just a few spots on my back and I was’ll go away soon. So I just kept on eating the next day. Now its all over my back and my legs. I’m so glad I didn’t have any on my face =D.

Anyways, I went to work and told my co-workers about it and they asked me to get some Benedryl. So I went and got some..ate like 4 yesterday and went to sleep early at 10. I asked Jeff to set my alarm at 6.50am so I can wake up early and take a shower, wash my hair before heading to work BUT he set my alarm at 6.50pm!!!

I didn’t wake up until I heard Emily put down her bowl in the morning and its already 8+. In the end, I just worked from home because by the time I showered and wash my hair, it would be 10.30am before I would reach work.

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