Cross Stitch Crazy – His Eye Is On The Sparrow

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I just finished another precious moments design by Gloria and Pat few weeks ago. This one is from book 37 (PM-37) and its called “his eye is on the sparrow”.

This design is bigger than my previous one. Its stitched on Aida 14 with a 89 x 113 count. This took me about a month I think with the normal 2-3 hrs a day because I didn’t work on it everyday.

This pattern also took longer than usual because the backstitches are in different colors which is closer to the original color the stitches are done. In the older books, all the backstitches are done in one color. So for this I had to constantly switch colors which took more time.

One thing I didn’t like from this is that sometimes they are not really clear as to which part is supposed to be backstitched in which color. Or maybe I’m too stupid to understand >.< I guess I need more practice. hehe

Cross Stitch Crazy – Love is Kind

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I did a pattern from the Gloria and Pat Precious Moments books (PM-2). Relatively simple pattern. I stitched it on Aida 14 (5 5/8 x 4 1/4) using DMC 6-strand cotton floss. 2 strands for normal stitching and 1 strand for backstitch. Forgot how long this took me but I think its around 1 week with about 2-3 hours put in everyday while I watch TV.

I made some small mistakes and it was too late to re-do when I noticed it so I just left it. Hopefully my next one will be better!

Love Is Kind - Precious Moments
Love Is Kind – Precious Moments
Love Is Kind - Precious Moments
Finished the actual design and doing backstitches now
Love Is Kind - Precious Moments
Finished design.
Love Is Kind - Precious Moments
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I changed the color of the shoes to a darker brown because I forgot to buy it and I’m too lazy to wait for the next order. I’ve tried going to the shops to look for floss but its really expensive. The shop I found sells them for about 60 cents each without tax.

After that, I looked around online and ordered from One floss sells for 49 cents and shipping depends on the amount you buy but fairly reasonable. It is good if you buy a lot. Arrive really quick too.

After finishing this pattern, I did more searches online and found another place, that have it for even cheaper! 44 cents each. Shipping is a bit more than the other site but same as above, if you buy a lot, it makes up for it. Usually i order about 20 different floss per order. Shipping is really fast too. About 3-4 days.

What I like about these two sites is that I can choose each individual color floss that I need. I’ve found some sites that ¬†only sell them at batches of like 10 or more colors each.

Maybe I’ll look around more and try to find some other better sites for my next project.