Polka dot manicure

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Julep nail polish

I was thinking of ways to do my nails after I received the new nail polishes from Julep then I came up with this idea. I decide to create a polka dot french manicure. I actually wanted to have more of the Trina Turk collection colors as dots but I realized that most of the colors are dark so it wouldn’t stand out at all with the dark blue background.

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Klout – Essie 2012 Summer Collection

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Yay..I was awarded an Essie summer collection nail polish. The perk was actually closed already when I saw it but they awarded it to me. I was so happy! =D I didn’t know that they do that. hehe. I received the box few days ago. They gave me the ‘off the shoulder’ color which was a hot pink color.

The whole summer collection is lovely! There’s a total of 6 colors in the colletion. Here’s the description as taken from the brochure that was included in the box.

  • bikiny so teeny – provocative lustrous sky blue
  • cascade cool – frosty, shimmery carnation pink
  • all tied up – naughty molten bronze
  • off the shoulder – daring, scorching hot pink
  • fear or desire – obsession-worthy bright orange
  • mojito madness – fun loving party lime

The whole collection will be on sale in June 2012 with a suggested price of $8.00 per bottle. Aaa..so tempted to get all the colors. I’ve read on other reviews on Klout and saw that others received a different color. I guess they were just sending it out randomly. Maybe I’ll get all the colors if my husband will let me >.< I haven’t tried it out yet but I will soon after I remove the current color that I have on now.

One thing good about Essie nail polishes is that they are DBP, FORMALDEHYDE and TOLUENE free. I can have them on often without worrying that my nails are gonna rot under all the constant color that I put on. =) Can’t wait to try it out. Will post some pictures when I do so.

Essie 2012 Summer Collection

Off the shoulder - daring, scorching hot pink!

Thanks Klout and Essie =)


Julep Maven – March box

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As promised before, this is a post about the March box that I just received. This month’s box came with easter chocolates! I love how Julep always manage to give small gifts that makes me happy hehe. The February box came with valentine chocolates too.

Besides chocolates, there’s also a pedicure cream which contains shea butter and coconut oil. I have yet to try this out. Wonder how good it is. There’s also 2 shades of color and 2 toe separators.

Julep nail polish

Creamy blue and a shade of red

Julep pedi cream

Julep pedi cream

Julep Maven March box

Julep Maven March box. I forgot to take pictures of the cute chocolate eggs!

Julep Maven

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Julep Jennifer and Julep Sofia
Julep Jennifer and Julep Sofia

Upper picture is the Julep Jennifer and I applied 2 coats of it. The bottom one is Julep Sofia. The original color is very light. It took me about 4 coats to get to this shade. For 1 coat, it just looks like a normal plain glitter nail polish.

Received these 2 colors from the Julep maven golden box last month. The golden box came with like 12 colors or so. Don’t really remember because we split it at the workplace among me and my co-worker. Finally got around to using it with different colors on each hand so I can try out all the colors. =)

Julep Maven is a monthly subscription that sends you some nail polish every month plus some other random stuff like hand cream, nail buffers, scrubs etc. First, you have to take an online quiz so they can determine what is your style and what colors fit you most. For only $19.99 a month, they will send you a monthly box worth $40. Plus, you get 20% off on all Julep products and you can skip any months that you don’t feel like getting a box.

Not a bad investment in my opinion hehe. We always get so excited receiving the box every month as we don’t know what’s inside until we open it.

Actually, we just received this month’s box today. Will update on pictures some other time.