Sunny Days

The weather’s been great this past weekend. Clear sunny skies are so rare in San Francisco. My husband was bugging me to go out for a walk in Golden Gate Park and I keep saying no at first but decided to go in the end since it really is nice and sunny outside.

I took longer than usual getting ready because we were waiting for my parents in law to be ready too. So I was taking my time putting on sun block (which I never use daily) and of course eyeliner! I also straightened my fringe and then changed etc.

Then my husband suddenly said, “Now I know why you don’t like to go out. Because it takes you so long to get ready. You can’t just change clothes and go like I do.”

I was like -_-“. I told him he should be glad that I’m not like other girls because I don’t put on makeup daily. All I need is my eyeliner and I am ready to go. I only use makeup when I go to special functions like wedding dinners and even then all I use is some BBcream, eyeliner, mascara and blusher. I don’t even use¬†eye-shadows. And the most important thing is that guys can’t compare with girls!

Haha..that’s true right! Anyways, we went to the park and took a 3hr walk taking pictures on the way. Here are some pictures to share.

All the photos are taken with my iPhone 4s. The quality is amazing! I used the HDR function for these photos because its too bright outside.

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