Review: Sushi Bistro

We recently went to Sushi Bistro for our 2nd year anniversary. It was a last minute thing that we decided to go there because I was craving for sushi hehe. We originally wanted to go to Yuubi but then decided to go to Sushi Bistro instead because we’ve never tried it out and the reviews look good on Yelp.

We ordered the omega-3 roll, the new legend, the snow crab classic roll and a chicken teriyaki. The rolls were really good. The plain snow crab roll came first and we were this taste great. And then the omega-3 came and we were like..ok this is even better than the snow crab roll.

Then..when the new legend roll came..we were like..omg this is the best. hahah. The new legend was really good. I would definitely get that when I go there again. The roll portions were big and the price was reasonable.

Between the two of us, we got 3 rolls and a chicken teriyaki set and we were pretty full. Can’t wait to go back again. Oh..they also serve all kinds of sake there with a bar area.

I wanted to take more pictures but the whole place was so dim that I could barely see my food lol. I’m surprised these pictures look alright after editing it because I can’t see anything before it was edited.

Sushi Bistro snow crab roll

Classic snow crab roll

Sushi Bistro Omega 3 roll

Omega 3 roll – deep fried albacore, salmon, avocado and asparagus, topped with fresh albacore, salmon and tobiko, drizzled with spicy soy

Sushi Bistro omega 3 roll

Closer look at the omega 3 roll

Hmm..I didn’t take a picture of the new legend roll! T_T I guess I was too excited to try it. lol.

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