Review: Boudin Bakery

Ahhh..clam chowder…so gooood. I was craving for clam chowder for quite a while now ever since I had the dream that I was going to get clam chowder. My dream felt so real! I was walking into the shop and looking at what I wanted to order. I can even taste the clam chowder.

The next thing I knew…I was late for work because I was busy dreaming and overslept. LOL. So I told Jeff about it and he was like..ok..lets go get some clam chowder this Friday. hehe

We went to the Boudin inside Macy’s because the other location was closed. Their menu options were actually cheaper than what I expected. Soup and salad combo was only $8.59 and the options were good. I think its a good lunch place to go to.

Anyways, I got the clam chowder in the bread bowl for $6.39 and Jeff ordered theĀ Fra’ Mani Artisan Ham & Brie sandwich that comes with salad for $7.49. The clam chowder was so good..I think I can eat 3 bowls in one sitting. hehe


Breads and cookies on display. The Easter cookie is so cute!



Boudin clam chowder in a bread bowl

Bread bowl clam chowder

Boudin Fra' Mani Artisan Ham & Brie sandwich

Boudin Fra’ Mani Artisan Ham & Brie sandwich

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