Qingming Festival

Last weekend, I went with my husband and relatives to the cemetery to visit his grandma for qingming festival. We went early to avoid all the crowd and traffic every year. Qingming is when you go visit graves of departed ones, do some cleaning and pay respects to them. Kinda like spring cleaning I guess. hehe

Usually we bring lots and lots of food and we eat there after we pay our respects but it was drizzling a bit so we decided to just keep it simple and go somewhere else for breakfast after.This year Google have something special for qingming too! Just google “qingming festival” and see the results. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and you can see 2 animated bulls.If you click around on the white spaces on the page, you can see water ripples and¬†occasionally¬†a fish jumps out.

Google page. Love the leaves

This is how the search page looks like. Love the leaves

Cute bulls at the end of the page

Cute bulls at the end of the page. The kids and bulls are animated too if you click on them

We went to Kome after for the buffet. Love that place! There’s 24 of us in total and the price is reasonable too. I think it was $14.95 per person and seniors get $1 off. Better than nothing. lol. There’s so much food there. Lots of sushi and also cooked Asian food. Noodles, dim sum, dessert, ice cream etc.

Kome sushi buffet

Kome sushi buffet. My plate of sushi lol

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