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Wow..its been a really really long time since I updated my blog. I stopped in April when I went back to Brunei and after I got back to SF, some things happened and I guess its been that way ever since.

Anyways, it was my birthday few days ago. I can’t believe I’m so old now! >.< I have lots of pictures and stuff to upload on to the blog. Sigh!! I guess I need to get back to the blogging habit again.

Office Birthdays

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We celebrated Tiffany and Danny’s birthday in the office recently. Joint celebration since their birthday was only a few days apart. We ordered sandwiches from Prime Dip and it was yum yum. We ordered it through GrubHub and there was a $10 delivery fee but it was alright since it was shared between so many people.

I also stopped by California Bakery on the way to work to pick up a Tiramisu cake and we also had soju!!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Tiff and Danny!

California Bakery tiramisu cake

Happy Birthday!

Jason posing!

Waiting for cake

Everyone just waiting for Tiff to cut the cake up

Crab dip sandwich from Prime Dip

Crab dip roll with mashed potato side

Nova Tokyo tea

Tokyo tea from Nova

After work, we went to Nova to grab more drinks hahah.

2nd Wedding Anniversary

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March 11. It was our 2nd wedding anniversary. Time flies. It felt like it was just few months ago. This day is also the day the big tsunami hit Japan so I will always remember it hehe. I didn’t get anything for Jeff though.. >.<

He got me some chocolates from Godiva, a Bloomingdale’s gift card for me to buy my Uggs and also a card which he said I can’t post cause his handwriting is so ugly. So all I did was take a picture of the outside hahah.

Godiva truffle chocolate

Godiva truffle chocolate. It was so creamy and full of yumminess

Bloomingdales giftcard

Wedding Card

Back home soon

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Recently booked my air tickets back home. I can’t wait!! We will be making stops at Singapore to visit my family there first then back to Brunei and then on the way back to SF, we’re going to stop by in Korea.

Also, I’ve made appointments with everyone to take a full family photo because someone is always missing. I’m really excited for that also. Can’t wait to eat ALLLLLLL the foood!!!

Btw..on a random note..Nooo!!! Why is candy crush saga always adding new levels! I thought I can be done with it soon. >.<

Mc Donalds Hello Kitty Happy Meal

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OMG so cute. I was just randomly checking the Mc Donalds happy meal page to check what’s the latest toy and who knows its Hello Kitty!! I’m so glad I checked it few days before so on the day I was so excited.

My co-workers helped me out by getting some happy meals and giving me the toy too. So happy. =) There are 6 toys in this series and its actually quite big and every toy have its own actions.

I have the reading one, dancing and the guitar. The reading one turns the head like she’s reading the book. The dancing one twirls around (so cuteeee. Its my favourite). The guitar one shakes like a bobble head.

I hope its not sold out yet because I want the others too.

Mc Donalds Hello Kitty happy meal

Mc Donalds Hello Kitty happy meal

Posing for a cute picture

Mc Donalds Hello Kitty happy meal

Guitar dancing girl

Mc Donalds Hello Kitty happy meal


Mc Donalds Hello Kitty happy meal

Dancing twirling hello kitty

My workspace

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I recently bought some upgrades on my desk at work. My monitors were always too low so I bought the Ekby Gruvan shelf from Ikea for my monitors. I like the outlook. Gives me extra space to put things too.

Ikea Ekby Gruvan

Besides a shelf on my table, I’ve been looking for a small piggy bank so I can put all my coins in. I’ve been looking around but didn’t find anything I really like.

But I got a surprise when I came back from Tahoe. I saw it in my dresser and Jeff say he saw it at Daiso and he thought it was cute so he bought it. There it is now on my table with the other stuff I have.

Piggy bank

Vegas pictures

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Wow..almost a whole month since my last update. Been getting lazy again lately. Just came back not long ago from my company trip to Tahoe. It was fun!! Will do a post on that soon. In the meantime, here’s the pictures from Vegas. =)


Welcome to Vegas!!

TheHotel at Mandalay Bay Vegas

TheHotel at Mandalay Bay

Our 2 queen bed room. Pretty big with 1.5 bathrooms and a living room

Planet Hollywood buffet

Some kind of crab salad at Planet Hollywood buffet

Buffet at Planet Hollywood


Gordon Ramsey BURGR

Gordon Ramsey BURGR in Vegas

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