Perler Beads / Hama Beads

For the past few days, I’ve been experimenting with Perler beads. Another name for it would be Hama beads. You arrange them on a pegboard and melt them with an iron and they would stick together and form a pattern that you’ve arranged them in. My first one wasn’t that nice because I melted it too much but I’ve tried making bigger ones and I have to say that they turned out to be quite nice. You can make them in 2D and if you think you’ve gotten quite good at it, you can try making 3D ones. The finished product can be used as a necklace, earrings, a key chain and even coasters. The beads come in lots of colours and sizes. They have sizes ranging from small ones for adults to large ones for kids. No worries that you child might think it’s candy and eat it! It’s fun to arrange the colourful beads and see the pattern forming. So far, I’ve only made a few but I’m going to make more of them soon!

perler beads

Perler Beads / Hama Beads

gameboy perler

My first try, made a gameboy

mushroom perler

I made this mushroom from Mario for my sister as a coaster

perler pacman

Made this cute Pacman ghost and used it as a key chain

perler letters

Some others that I made to see how it works

perler kit

My current Perler beads/ Hama Beads tool kit


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