New slippers and ring for the Summer!

Summer is finally here and I did not bring any slippers to the UK for summer wear. So today I decided to go to New Look to have a look at their slippers since their stuff are not that pricey. Guess what I got? A lovely pair of slippers for a good bargain of £5.99. It was on 25% discount so I really got a good deal.

The original price was at £7.99. My initial agenda of getting a pair of slippers was diverted when I saw the accessories section. It was on a buy one get one free for all the accessories with mix and match. So I split the purchase with my friend and I got my self a pretty looking ring for about £2.55! Great shopping day for me. I feel so happy today~Retail therapy is always a girl’s thing~ :) Pictures below!

Love the colour combination!

How the ring looks like on my middle finger.

How the ring looks like on my index finger.


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