OMG..been so busy these past few weeks that my poor blog has been neglected. T_T I have lots of photos to post but I don’t really want to spam the blog hehe. So happy that we have the Monday off for memorial weekend. Finally some time to rest and catch up on things. My friend who just recently moved down to LA was asking if we wanted to go visit them this weekend and also go to Disneyland but I was thinking..hmm..4 out of 5 weekends in LA?! Um..I’m kinda tempted but maybe not.

I just want to catch up on doing things, clean my room, sleep time and also play Diablo >.< On a side note, my Klout score has been going up! Yay!! Although I would like to know why..haha. And besides that, I’ve received some free perks from Klout which I want to blog about too. =)

For the mean time, I’ll just go down my list of things that happened the past few weeks. So first things first, pictures from the wedding that I promised to post. lol hands look so flabby. Lucky the dress manage to hide my tummy fats. Sigh!! Have to start exercising.

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