myVEGAS facebook game

Aaaa..recently, I’ve been so addicted to this game. Its a game that is based on MGM resorts in Vegas. I found out about it because I’m a member of M Life and they sent me an email about it.

I was kinda skeptical when I first saw it but I decided to give it a try and now I’m hooked. They have different games basically different kinds of slot machines and some table games. All I play is the slot machines though. They are so addicting.


The different types of games available

The best thing about playing this game is that you accumulate “Loyalty Points” as you play and it can be redeemed for rewards on the MGM properties in Vegas. I’ve played for about 3 days now and only few hours at night and I almost have enough to redeem for a free room at some of the resorts.┬áThere’s different types of rewards such as rooms, food, show tickets, vip access etc.

myVEGAS strip view

The strip view

There’s also a “strip view” where you can build the MGM hotels as you play and every few hours/minutes or so, you can collect chips to play. The facebook fan page almost always have some free chips daily and if you really run out and really really want to play, you can buy chips.

myVEGAS rewards

I’ll be heading to Vegas on Dec 22. I hope by the time I would have enough to redeem for some goodies. =D

If you want to play, you can find out more information here.

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