I went to Mitsuwa in San Jose with my husband and some friends last weekend. Its great! Mitsuwa is the largest Japanese marketplace in the U.S. There’s lots and lots of Japanese goodies there. Within Mitsuwa, there’s also a sweets/dessert shop called Mochicream. I’ll write about it more in my next post.

I love all the random small goodies that is found in Mitsuwa especially the Hello Kitty ones. =) It’s definitely worth a trip there. Right when we walked in, there’s a small strawberry section in front of us. Its full of small snacks, chocolates, cookies, candies and its all strawberry flavored. I picked out some strawberry pocky as it was cheaper than in normal stores.

We also went on a snacks shopping spree and bought a some melon pan, coffee soy milk, mochi, snacks, ramen etc. There’s also a restaurant inside the marketplace but I forgot what the name is.

All I remember was that there’s a really long line of people waiting to get in. Outside, there’s also a cart selling hot roasted chestnuts that looked so good. I’ll definitely go back there again in the near future and maybe try out the restaurant there next time.

Hello kitty nori chips

Hello kitty nori chips. I love the container but my husband won't let me buy it just for that. =(

Hello Kitty nori chips

Hello Kitty nori chips. $26.40 for 3 cans. Kinda pricey but I just want the container!

Green tea kit kat

Green tea kit kat

Strawberry tart kit kat

Strawberry tart kit kat

Panda pocky

Panda pocky cookies and cream flavor

Hello Kitty pocky

Hello Kitty pocky

Hello Kitty drink

Hello Kitty carbonated soft drink. Tastes quite nice. Kinda like bubblegum lol

Sumo tangerine

Some weird looking oranges called Sumo Tangerines

Strawberry pocky

Strawberry snacks corner

Hello Kitty marshmallows

Hello Kitty marshmallows

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