LA Trip

Wow time flies! Its been a while since I’ve updated my blog. haha. As you can see, I haven’t got around to fixing everything. Lately I’ve been busy planning stuff for when my parents come over in October for my wedding banquet. Planning things to do, where to stay etc. I didn’t expect it to be so time consuming!

I just came back from LA yesterday. We went down there for the 2NE1 concert. It was a last minute thing haha. It was great!! The concert was super good. I knew all the songs except for one. Everyone was screaming so loud that I hear echoes and was temporary deaf when we came out of the concert lol.

As usual, the weather was perfect in LA!! I love the warm weather!! The last time I was down in LA was in May when we had the extended workcation plus going around with my friend who was moving down there to look for houses. It was really tough!!

They picked out some houses online on some sites and craigslist and we just went around inspecting each house. Everything was so expensive, it was crazy. I have no idea how they could afford something without paying their whole 2 weeks paycheck and only have some savings left every month. If only we knew more about those low income housing houses earlier. It could have saved a lot of trouble for my friend. Its so easy to use their interface. Just have to choose the city and put in the number of bedrooms you want and the max rent. So simple!! Next time I know what to do if I ever move somewhere else.

Besides going down to LA for the concert, we also went to the fashion district in Korea town in LA. Its called Santee suits. Definitely must go if you are looking for suits. My husband was looking for a suit to wear for the wedding banquet in October. We went there and the owner was super nice and chill. In the end, Jeff bought a suit plus shirt, vest, tie, hanky, socks and belt all for about $135 after tax!! Such a great deal. They also did on the spot alterations for his pants for $5. Took like 5 minutes and it was done. Super quick.

Probably gonna go back there when my parents come over and see if my dad wants to get an extra suit or something.

2NE1 concert Nokia Theatre

Nokia theater LA

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