Klout – Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum

My first physical Klout perk! =D Neutrogena paired up with Klout to give users with a Klout score above 40 and have the topics beauty, beauty products,skin care, women and skin a free trial of the rapid wrinkle repair serum. I claimed mine and it came few weeks later. So excited as this is the first Klout perk that I received in a physical form lol.

I’ve tried it out for about 1 week now. Didn’t notice if any wrinkle lines disappeared but it definitely made my face feel a lot smoother. Its also really light and I can just use it under my foundation and sunscreen. Another plus is that it smells so nice! I usually just use about a pea size and spread it all over my face before putting on my moisturizer.

Gonna try it out for few more weeks and see if there’s any visible difference on the wrinkle lines but I’ll definitely buy this again when I run out because I love the smell and how it made my face feel soft and smooth.

Its so light that you can't even tell that I have it on already lol

Thanks Klout and Neutrogena!! I hope there’s more perks like this =)

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