Klout – Lipton mango pineapple tea and honey

Now that my sisters are writing some posts, I have time to slack a bit haha. Memorial weekend was fun doing nothing. Exactly what I needed. I have several things I want to blog about. I’ve recently received my monthly Julep box as well as more Klout perks. I guess I’ll have to blog about it in order.

Lipton teamed up with Klout to give influencers free sample packs of tea! I received 10 packets of the mango pineapple tea. The smell is AMAZING! And on top of that, 1 packet of tea is only 5 calories.

It was nice and refreshing but the one complain that I have is that its a bit too sweet! Well, I didn’t read the packet to see how much water I’m supposed to put in it, but I filled it in a big cup of a bit more than 360ml and it was still too sweet.

Maybe its better to drink it cold and add some ice cubes to dilute it even more. I’m really surprised though because the packet is so small. I’m surprised it can be so flavorful lol. Will definitely try the other flavors next time.

10 packs of Lipton Mango Pineapple tea

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