Klout – Essie 2012 Summer Collection

Yay..I was awarded an Essie summer collection nail polish. The perk was actually closed already when I saw it but they awarded it to me. I was so happy! =D I didn’t know that they do that. hehe. I received the box few days ago. They gave me the ‘off the shoulder’ color which was a hot pink color.

The whole summer collection is lovely! There’s a total of 6 colors in the colletion. Here’s the description as taken from the brochure that was included in the box.

  • bikiny so teeny – provocative lustrous sky blue
  • cascade cool – frosty, shimmery carnation pink
  • all tied up – naughty molten bronze
  • off the shoulder – daring, scorching hot pink
  • fear or desire – obsession-worthy bright orange
  • mojito madness – fun loving party lime

The whole collection will be on sale in June 2012 with a suggested price of $8.00 per bottle. Aaa..so tempted to get all the colors. I’ve read on other reviews on Klout and saw that others received a different color. I guess they were just sending it out randomly. Maybe I’ll get all the colors if my husband will let me >.< I haven’t tried it out yet but I will soon after I remove the current color that I have on now.

One thing good about Essie nail polishes is that they are DBP, FORMALDEHYDE and TOLUENE free. I can have them on often without worrying that my nails are gonna rot under all the constant color that I put on. =) Can’t wait to try it out. Will post some pictures when I do so.

Essie 2012 Summer Collection

Off the shoulder - daring, scorching hot pink!

Thanks Klout and Essie =)


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