Julep Maven August 2012

Finally, I’ve done everything I can in terms of restoring all the missing pictures. Its now up to my sisters to give me copies of the pictures that are still missing. I am not really sure why sometimes when they upload pictures, its not to the specified month folder. It would automatically create a new folder. That’s why I didn’t manage to save it before I restored everything. =(

Julep Maven box August 2012

Anyways, we just received our Julep box in the office today and guess what? We got the Golden box again!! Twice now. So happy. It came with 6 nail polish which is from the new Trina Turk collection. We received the Trina Turk Brandt, Gunta, Sophie, Delaunay, Hoch and Otte.

Besides that we also received a Julep volumizing mascara, a pretty fridge magnet and *surprise* a necklace! I have to say Julep is really good at the surprise factor. They would always include something that is special if it coincides with a special occasion, holiday etc. Usually it was sweets and chocolates. I never actually thought that we would get a necklace.

As usual, we split the things and I ended up with the Brandt, Gunta, Sophie and the mascara. =D Can’t wait to try something out with all the new colors. I already have an idea in my head. Hope it turns out well. Stay tuned for pictures!

Julep Maven

Julep Trina Turk Collection

I got the first from the left, and the 4th and 5th one =) (Gunta, Brandt, Sophie)

Julep magnet

Lovely fridge magnet

Julep Maven box

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