Julep Maven $0.01 Subscription

So, my sis saw all the nail polishes that I was getting and she wanted it too. Lol. She went and researched about the Julep Maven program and she told me that there’s a current promotion where you can get the first subscription for just $0.01. 1 PENNY!! Ok. I’m SOLD.

Since she’s all the way in Brunei and can’t subscribe to it herself, I did it for her. All I had to to was to take the quiz for her and then add subscription to cart and viola, the total shows up as $0.01. Choose the free julep maven shipping and you are done. Can’t wait to receive it hehe. My sis will have to wait all the way till October when my parents come over and bring it back for her though.

You can signup from this link here. =)

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