Happy Birthday to me!

It was my birthday last week so we decided to take Thursday and Friday off for a short break. We didn’t really have anything planned. Just wanted a break and do nothing for a while. hehe We actually ended up going out Thurs, Fri and Saturday. It was fun though. Lots of good food and the weather was surprisingly good.

On Thursday, we went for lunch at the Crab House at pier 39. I saw a lot of good reviews on Yelp so we decided to give it a try. We got there at about 1pm and was glad that we made reservations because a while after we arrive, the place started to fill up fast lol. We ordered the whole crab, garlic fries, a crab louie salad (I think that’s what its called haha) and some margarita which I forgot the name.

The crab was served really fast! Overall, I would say that the crab was better than average but it wasn’t the best that I’ve had. Jeff say its because I’ve had it in Asia which can’t compare to here. I guess its true hehe. Its one of the best crabs I’ve had over here. The garlic sauce wasn’t too overpowering and you can actually taste the raw sweetness of the crab. The garlic fries was really good. Should have ordered the large haha. We ordered the small and the portion was quite big. enough for 2 people. The salad was huge and they didn’t skimp on the ingredients too. It came with eggs, avocado and a really generous portion of crab with thousand island sauce.

The bill came up to around $90 with tax and tips. It was definitely a good experience. Good view too!

After lunch, we went to watch Ice Age 4. It took forever for the bus to arrive and we were almost late for the movie. Movie was great too. Funny. I’ve always loved the Ice Age series. I hope they make more hehe.

Here’s some pictures I took. I didn’t take more because the waiters were just standing behind me and I didn’t want them to think i was weird >.< Gonna post about the other days in another post because its getting too long!

Pier 39

The Crab House at pier 39

Beautiful view out the window

Whole crab

Whole crab. Forgot to take the picture with the body shell still on it >.<

Food stand

A seagull trying to steal the food from the kid lol

Sea gull

the evil sea gull. Almost flew into me while I was taking a picture too lol

Food stand

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