Hanging out

Been having sleepovers at my sister’s place lately and all I do there is eat, sleep and watch tv. I have been slacking off for a while now and what’s worse is that I’m having my ‘AS’ level exam right now. Sigh. My laziness just overpowers everything else ):

Anyways, school holidays are coming soon and I’ve ordered a few DIY things from ebay to  keep myself busy! They should arrive in a week’s time. Yay, can’t wait to get my hands on them! I’ll post some pictures when the things arrive. I ordered a few nail art tools too! I’m crazy over nail art now. I tried a few nail art myself, but I’m kinda bad at it, so I didn’t take any pictures to post :p

Oh, and me and my sister brought my nephews out for breakfast yesterday and the food was great and affordable! I had my first macaroon too on the same day! Finally satisfied my cravings :b Wanted to go somewhere else but my sister, who’s driving didn’t want to ): Really really want to get my driving license soon so i don’t have to bother anyone to drive me out 😀 And, I’ll keep you guys updated as soon as my exams are over! 😀

Pancakes with butter and maple syrup for my nephews
Kolomee that my sister had.
Nasi Lemak
Nasi Lemak! Haven’t had this in a while!
Cheese Baked Rice
Yummy cheese backed rice with beef 😀
YUM! Raspberry Chocolate, Lemon and Coffee Macaroons
A bonus picture of my nephew, Ryan dressing up as a doctor :b


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