Green card update

So I’ve mentioned before that I was going for my green card interview on 29th February and today I received a letter from them saying that my application was approved! So happy.

I can’t believe how fast it took them to reply. Its only been 3 working days since my interview. Anyways, the letter says that my green card will arrive soon after in about 3 weeks in the mail. Looking forward to that.

Its been 15 months since I officially applied for a fiance K1 visa. Me and my fiance submitted the forms and documents in November 2010 and I received my K1 visa to come to the United States in September 2011. And from there, I had to officially get married, apply for a social security number and do the status adjustment for the green card. All this took about 4 months.

We did a lot of research online and filed everything ourselves. I’ll write a more detailed post about the whole process and waiting times in another future post. Check back for updates!

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