Fruit Picking

Summer is here! Great time for fruit picking hehe. We went last week kinda as a belated birthday thingy for my mom in law. Drove all the way to Brentwood. It was so hot there! High 80s. We went to Chan’s strawberry and fruit stand. We got there somewhere around 3 because we took a long turn and was stuck in traffic in Oakland for almost an hour.

At the strawberry farm, they said that they are running low on strawberries but we went in anyways. We bought 2 boxes at 25 cents. One for strawberry and the other for the blackberries. The guy at the farm recommended us to go for blackberries because he said that strawberries are running low but I felt that there’s more strawberries than blackberries! lol.

It was really scorching hot. I was really regretting not bringing an umbrella but I got excited seeing all the strawberries haha. I picked all the small cute ones because small ones are usually sweeter. In the end, we got about $5 worth of strawberries at $2.50/lb and about $10 worth of blackberries at $3/lb. Lol we got carried away with the blackberries because it was so had to find a ripe one so we just plucked it everytime we come across one. Lol.

We wanted to go for white peaches after but it was about 4pm and that’s when the farms all close. In the end, we just bought 1lb of picked white peaches for $3. Overall it was a fun experience. This is the second time I’ve been fruit picking. Next time, we’ll definitely go earlier. Oh..also, my thighs were hurting like crazy the next day because the ground was kinda uneven so I had to use a lot of pressure? hahah and also cause of bending down to pick the strawberries lol.

Rows of strawberry bushes

Fresh strawberries!

Hard at work picking strawberries!

Look! I found a small cute one

Blackberries. Its mostly all red and not ripe yet.

My collection of small strawberries

Hmm..I actually forgot to take a picture of the amount of all the fruits that we bought in the end >.<

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