Eggy Easter!

Easter is coming up soon and I haven’t got any eggs painted yet. I have to admit that I’m not that creative so I tend to ‘steal’ ideas from the internet. This time, I would like to do something different, rather than the normal boring polka dot pattern.

I saw one of the characters in Alice in Wonderland and find it quite cute. I was thinking of doing something like that too but I’m not that good when it comes to painting. I searched for ways to make egg-painting easier and came across this tool called the ‘Egg-Bot‘.

It is an easy to use art robot that can draw round object┬áthat range in size from ping pong balls to small grapefruits using art pens. I think I really need one of those. I’m going to need to stop procrastinating and start brainstorming for ideas!

Easter egg designs

Was thinking of doing something like this but apparently, I don't have the art skills

Egg bot

The egg-bot that I think I really need! Lol.



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