My ears just suddenly feel weird yesterday. It was just a feeling that I cannot describe. It wasn’t painful or anything but it didn’t feel normal. So, I asked Jeff to take a look at it. I asked him to shine a light into my ear and see if he can see anything weird. I guess I freaked out because few weeks ago, I read about an article where this lady was complaining about her ear and when she went to get it checked out, there was a spider living inside her ear for 5 days already! You can find the article here. Its kinda gross so don’t click on the link if you don’t wanna see it.

So when Jeff looked into my ear, at first he said he thinks there’s an infection. He said there’s puss all over. Then I asked, “Are you sure?” and I asked him to check out my other ear. Then he say, yup, its definitely an infection. But I didn’t give up. I asked him to check again so I went to lie down and he checked again. Then he said, “Oh..its just a big piece of earwax!”

Then he wanted to take it out. He proceeded to take the tool and stuff like he was on a mission! Its like a quest for him. No matter what he had to get it out. I was really scared and I didn’t like the feeling of the scraper thing in my ear. So I started crying lol. I said no but he said yes. -_-“

Then he started on his mission and I kept pulling his hand because it just feels weird and then he asked me to just lie on my hands. -_-” He was like..geeez..stop crying already. But I just can’t help it. Then I finally can’t take it anymore so I sat up and say ok..I’ll do it myself.

I guess I feel safer doing it myself. So I was scraping my ear but nothing came out. Then he checked again and I scraped again. Lol. Finally it came out. I guess it was kinda big but I think my ear still feel a bit weird. I don’t know if its cause I’m thinking too much or it really is weird. I’m gonna wait a few days and see what happens.

My friend heard about this and he made a meme for me. Its pretty funny. lol

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