Don’t get caught with your fly down again!

I bet like me, you have also experienced that embarrassing moment where you are out somewhere when you realise that you get weird looks from people looking at your crotch. Then you realise it’s because that your zipper is unzipped and you try your best to zip it without making it obvious that you’re doing so. After zipping it for a while, it would soon magically unzip all by itself again. This has happened to me quite a few times and the memory of it is so embarrassing that I don’t even want to reminisce on it. I’ve tried many ways to avoid it happening again and I figured that the following method would be the best way.

How to keep your pants zipper up:-

Key ring

First, take a key ring, one big enough to fit the through the button of your pants.


Realise that there’s a hole on the zipper?

Attach key ring to zipper

Attach the key ring to the hole on the zipper

Zipper button

Now, pull up your zipper and put the key ring through the button

Keeping your zipper up

Lastly, button your pants and your problem is solved!

No more weird looks from people now!


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