Diablo 3 and what not

Lately, all I’ve been doing is get home from work and play D3. I’ve been neglecting all my other stuff such as this blog *ahem*, my cross-stitching, etc. Aaaaa..I kinda knew this would happen. Lol. I was addicted to WoW for a very long time. Since Oct 2007 up till Jan 2012, I was playing almost everyday non-stop. I was glad that my subscription finally ran out in January. It was nice to not be stuck at the computer the whole day. But now I’m into Diablo 3 lol.

Besides D3, there’s a few things that I was thinking about lately. First was to find a dinner dress for my wedding banquet this October. I’ve searched many places and read so many reviews on Yelp and what not. It seems like people here usually buy their dresses instead of renting it. And one dress costs an average of about $500!! Maybe because I like ball gowns >.< How I wished I bought one before I came over. The one that I used for my wedding dinner in Brunei was only $199 with alterations included. Its so cheap and pretty!

Love my ball gown

I looked around online and found a site (www.lightinthebox.com). Seems like reviews are pretty good and stuff so I took the risk and decide to order a dress from there. *fingers crossed* hope it turns out ok.

Another thing that I am constantly thinking is “SHOULD I CUT MY HAIR?!?!” Lol. OMG I’ve been thinking about this problem for a while now. My whole problem revolves around the wedding dinner in October again. I want to leave my hair long so I can have nice long curly hair for the wedding dinner but on the other hand, my hair have been dropping and I can see that its thinning slowly so I wanted to cut it so that its not that long and heavy and hopefully won’t be dropping as much. Aaaaa..all these problems.

And, I also wanted to dye my hair but I don’t want it to grow out and look ugly for the wedding so I don’t know what I should do now lol. OMG this wedding banquet planning for October is giving me so much stress. Not to mention, cakes, decorations, wedding favors etc. I can slowly feel the stress of what I felt when we had the wedding last March. Its slowly creeping up to me as the dates get nearer.

So much ranting! haha. I need something to de-stress. Back to Diablo I go~~


  1. Hi Noobie that is because you don’t have us around you to help out. Hahaha…..Bet you are missing us badly. Well no matter what, be strong and we love you always.

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