Day Trip to Seven Sisters Country Park

Seven Sisters Country Park is a series of chalk cliffs located in the South Downs in East Sussex. It has a series of 7 hills and an eighth one has been created from the erosion of the sea. Seven Sisters is an occasional site for filming and the beginning of the Robin Hood:Prince of Thieves film was filmed there.

I have been wanting to go to Seven Sisters Country Park for a loooong time because I always see my friends posting their beautiful pictures up on Facebook whenever they visit Seven Sisters. So seeing yesterday’s weather was looking good via the MetOffice app, my course mates and I decided to pay Seven Sisters a visit. We gathered at the North Street bus stop in central Brighton and took the 12A bus to Seven Sisters. The bus trip took about 1hr 30mins.

When we reached Seven Sisters, I was overwhelmed with the view. It was beautiful. It has lots of elements from different parts of nature. There were the sheep and lambs, the cows, the ducks, chalk cliffs, pebble sea side, lots of greenery, and even lots of animal dung. The wind was crazily strong and we had difficulty walking against the strong winds but it was lots of fun. The trees on the fields grew slanted maybe because of the strong winds from the sea.

We took a hike up to the first hill and took a rest there. Had lots of fun taking pictures but had difficulty taking good pictures because my hair was blowing crazily. So we had to get ready and quickly snap the photos whenever the strong winds stop for that mere second. We spent about 2 hours there and decided to head back because it takes a long time to reach central Brighton.

To sum up everything, it was a wonderful trip and I will definitely go back there again. Definitely a place for nature lovers! Pictures below!



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