Cross Stitch Crazy – Love is Kind

I did a pattern from the Gloria and Pat Precious Moments books (PM-2). Relatively simple pattern. I stitched it on Aida 14 (5 5/8 x 4 1/4) using DMC 6-strand cotton floss. 2 strands for normal stitching and 1 strand for backstitch. Forgot how long this took me but I think its around 1 week with about 2-3 hours put in everyday while I watch TV.

I made some small mistakes and it was too late to re-do when I noticed it so I just left it. Hopefully my next one will be better!

Love Is Kind - Precious Moments
Love Is Kind – Precious Moments
Love Is Kind - Precious Moments
Finished the actual design and doing backstitches now
Love Is Kind - Precious Moments
Finished design.
Love Is Kind - Precious Moments
Edited with Instagram =)

I changed the color of the shoes to a darker brown because I forgot to buy it and I’m too lazy to wait for the next order. I’ve tried going to the shops to look for floss but its really expensive. The shop I found sells them for about 60 cents each without tax.

After that, I looked around online and ordered from One floss sells for 49 cents and shipping depends on the amount you buy but fairly reasonable. It is good if you buy a lot. Arrive really quick too.

After finishing this pattern, I did more searches online and found another place, that have it for even cheaper! 44 cents each. Shipping is a bit more than the other site but same as above, if you buy a lot, it makes up for it. Usually i order about 20 different floss per order. Shipping is really fast too. About 3-4 days.

What I like about these two sites is that I can choose each individual color floss that I need. I’ve found some sites that ¬†only sell them at batches of like 10 or more colors each.

Maybe I’ll look around more and try to find some other better sites for my next project.


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