Cross Stitch Crazy – His Eye Is On The Sparrow

I just finished another precious moments design by Gloria and Pat few weeks ago. This one is from book 37 (PM-37) and its called “his eye is on the sparrow”.

This design is bigger than my previous one. Its stitched on Aida 14 with a 89 x 113 count. This took me about a month I think with the normal 2-3 hrs a day because I didn’t work on it everyday.

This pattern also took longer than usual because the backstitches are in different colors which is closer to the original color the stitches are done. In the older books, all the backstitches are done in one color. So for this I had to constantly switch colors which took more time.

One thing I didn’t like from this is that sometimes they are not really clear as to which part is supposed to be backstitched in which color. Or maybe I’m too stupid to understand >.< I guess I need more practice. hehe

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