Crawl errors

So, I received an email from Google saying that there’s a lot of crawl errors on my website. =(

I guess its from all the missing pictures. Sigh! I guess its time to not be lazy and fix everything before my site is penalized. Hehe. I think I’m going to write a short post later on what I did to get my site back. Maybe it will be helpful for someone.

It seems like I’m the only one updating this blog now!! Where did my sisters go?!! Hmph. We decided to go into this together but it seems they are both busy with exams and dissertation. I still have a few things on my checklist for the banquet in October. Gonna meet up with the¬†decorators¬†soon to discuss about some things.

Still need to get the cake done, find a make-up artist, finalize the photographer, table seating, wedding favors. WOW, actually still quite a lot to be done. Time is creeping up on me really fast haha. Time to stop being lazy.

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