This morning I was super confused. It all started when I was playing my tiny towers game on the bus. So, we got on the bus and it was quite full so I was sitting somewhere in the middle and Jeff went to sit in the back. I was happily playing and restocking my tower that I didn’t really notice the time.

Then I paused and look up and saw that the bus is already at 6th and Market and I told myself. Ok..I’ll move these few floors and then stop playing and get ready for my stop. Somehow, I completely missed the time. I was playing and playing and the bus kept on going. Suddenly I heard the bus announce, 3rd and Kearny. I didn’t take it in immediately. hahah

I was kinda confused then it hit me..oh..this is my stop. So I quickly got up and ran down the bus before it went away. So, I got down the bus and I was waiting for Jeff to get off but I saw the bus driving off. At this point I was doubting myself. Did I get off the right stop?

I looked around really quick. Yup, I was at the right stop but Jeff didn’t get off. Hahahaha. He was busy sleeping. So I called him, twice before he picked up and told him to meet me on the corner of 2nd. Lol.

It was a weird experience feeling so lost and confused. That definitely woke me up in the morning.

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