Concerned neighbors!!

I don’t get why some people are so free to stick their head into other people’s businesses. Maybe they are retired and have nothing to do? The whole story started with us painting the house. The house was getting old with some paint chipping away so we decided to paint it.

We went through lots of brochures and swatches and finally settled on a nice creamy red pink color. So we bought all the paint, set up everything etc. The painters got to work fast. Scraping off all the old paint and what not. Then they decided to paint a small part of the house just to test out the color and that’s when everything happened.

We mysteriously received an anonymous letter marked to the property owners and it says, “Please read immediately” in RED! So we opened it up and inside was a four page letter from our concerned neighbor (we don’t even know who it is) telling us that they walked past our house and saw that little patch so they knew what our house color is going to be.

They then proceeded to tell us that by painting it red, it will be an eye-sore on the street and that it will compromise the value of the house. >.< Sheesh!! Mind your own business PLEASE!! Not only that, they even printed out some stuff which they found on the internet on how to choose a house color and some guide to a good neighbor law brochure.

Wait! There’s more to come. They actually HIGHLIGHTED in yellow some parts which they didn’t want us to miss. So, first things first. They didn’t even leave a contact number so we can’t get back to them on our point of view. Next, it is entirely up to us what color we want our house to be! Not to say, what are we going to do with all the paint that we bought?! lol. And ironically, the funniest thing about this whole scenario is that the house, before we painted it 20 years ago was actually red, so if they really wanted to complain, they can’t. haha

We didn’t take any action to this letter since we don’t know who to address it to and guess what? A week later they dropped an exact copy of the letter in our mailbox again. Just in case we didn’t get it.

OMG!! Are people really that free? Maybe they should work on other things besides spying on what our house color will be.

It looks a bit more reddish/pinkish than this. Doesn’t it look nice?

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