Christmas tree at Home Depot

Christmas Tree

Our cute Christmas tree =D

I finally experienced my first time buying a Christmas tree! We didn’t get one last year so this year I said that I wanted one. hehe. Jeff looked around and found out that Home Depot sells them so we went over and I totally didn’t know what to expect.

When I first saw a real Christmas tree, it was like..WOW..a real Christmas tree actually really looks like the Christmas trees on TV and pictures. LOL. I totally didn’t expect it to look like cartoon Christmas trees with the nice shape and everything. I was amazed =D

Anyways, we got to Home Depot and it was raining and Jeff wanted to just pick one and go. But I was more picky!! It was my first tree. I wanted it to be perfect. At first, we argued about how big the tree is going to be, then we argued about unwrapping the tree and making sure that its perfect. Guys are so annoying! Jeff just picked one up which was all wrapped up and say, “this looks alright.” and wanted to go pay but NO! That’s now what I wanted.

I have to un-roll it to make sure that its really perfect. No gaps here and there etc. In the end, we settled for a tree that was about 4ft. I didn’t get to un-roll many trees cause Jeff was getting mad and impatient. Hmph!! Next year for sure I’ll get a bigger tree plus check everything. The tree + the stand came out to around $35. It was so cheap! I was totally expecting a real tree to cost at least $50-$75 for that size. Overall, I guess I left Home Depot a happy girl =D

We also went to Target and Dollar Tree to pick up some lights, ornaments, garland, topper etc.

This tree is really cute. Cute and dainty. Oh btw..Christmas trees smell amazing!!!

Christmas ornaments

Our ornaments, garland, lights, bells

christmas tree

Me with the tree in my PJs lol

Penguin ornament

Cute penguin ornament from Target. Hand painted glass. A set of 3 for $8.

Christmas tree

Its so pretty!!


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