Cherry Blossom Festival

I went with my husband and some co-workers to the annual cherry blossom festival in J-town this weekend. Lots of people there! There was a grand parade at 1pm – 3pm and lots of food stalls.

We lined up for 30 mins for takoyaki that was just alright and some bunch of random food such as the teriaki burger, fried mochi, butter mochi and spam musibi. I was too busy eating and didn’t take any pictures lol. We didn’t stay around for the parade. Just caught a glimpse of it while walking around.

There were some pretty interesting karate fights and anime costume contest. The best part of the day was having our pictures taken with the hello kitty mascot at Sanrio. It was $3 for the picture and they even print it out and put it in a nice card. So worth it. =)

Hello kitty group picture
Hello kitty group picture. So worth the $3!

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