Bus Adventures – “I play a lot of Assassins Creed!!”

Wheeeee..my very first official bus story. I’ve encountered many weird things on the bus but this is the first time I’m actually writing a post on it. As usual, today I encountered something funny…here it goes!

I got on the bus and I don’t know when but these 2 guys started quarelling about something. Lets call them GuyA and GuyB. Ok. Some details about them. GuyA is a drunk white guy and GuyB is just a normal black guy. They started their squabble and this is what happened.

GuyA: bla bla bla bla…going on about some random stuff because he is drunk.

GuyB: he got mad somehow and said, “I will kick your ass because I can. I know all those kicking stuff because I play a lot of Assassins Creed.”

Assassins creed gif

This is what GuyB must have felt like inside when he thought of Assassins Creed.

GuyA: “Oh, I don’t deal with all that high kick low kick shit. I just use a gun.”

GuyB: *mumbles something* and got off the bus.

At this point I was laughing so much inside. I was thinking oh wow..a drunk guy actually beat someone in a verbal argument lol. Then!! another black guy (GuyC) got on the bus.

GuyA: back to talking about some random stuff..saying that he drank the whole day and that he left the house with $20 in his pocket and now he have $90.

GuyC: complains that GuyA is too loud.

GuyA: he was like talking and shouting and suddenly he said..see what I have? Then he opens his jacket and took out a flashlight and shine it on GuyC’s face.

At this point, GuyC was really mad and was shouting at GuyA..”Why do you have to shine the light at my face!” bla bla bla. Then some people asked the bus driver to call the police to kick the 2 guys off the bus. The bus driver didn’t care at all and continued driving. Then when the bus stopped at a traffic light, GuyC asked the bus driver to open the bus door so he could get off. PWNED!! GuyA wins again. lol

Ahhh..so funny. I was so amused.


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  1. Gotta carry a flashlight in you at all times. You never know when you might get into an argument.

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