Bus Adventures: Random Encounters

Been some time since I wrote a bus adventure post. I guess nothing much happened on the bus lately hehe.

Anyways, this encounter happened last week after my haircut in downtown. I was on my way home on the bus. There was a guy sitting near the door and I sat in front of him. Then, a girl got on on the next stop and sat next to the guy.

Then  I heard the guy say..”Its such a small world.” Then the girl laughed and say ya..and they proceeded to talk about random things, the weather, the city, etc. They were talking for a while and it sounded like they were old friends then suddenly the girl ask..so what’s your name?

In my head, I was like ??? You guys were talking for so long about everything laughing and joking all the way and you are actually strangers? Hahha. It was amusing. Then he was like oo..my name is Marty. And she’s like..I’m June..You know..like..April, May, June.

And they both started laughing again. Then he was telling her about how he travelled all over Asia and he started to name all the places that he’s been to and he actually mentioned Brunei and even said that its on Borneo Island. I was surprised that anyone actually know where Brunei is.

Then he said something about meeting lots of people, girls. etc and the girl asked..so are you married? And he said no. Never married. Then she was like..so never marry huh..Just fool around. And they both started laughing so loud and hitting each other on the arm.

Then the girl was like..here’s my phone number. Call me up sometime and we can talk more. I’m getting off the next stop.

I think its so cute how two random people can just sit down and start talking. This made my bus ride home so much better. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but I just can’t help it.

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