The books that I bought. Aren't they pretty. I must admit. I do judge books by their cover!

I went to Green Apple Books yesterday and bought some books plus another one I bought at Costco.

Lisa See – Shanghai Girls

Sophie Kinsella – The Undomestic Goddess

Nicole Mones – The Last Chinese Chef

Gail Tsukiyama – The Street Of A Thousand Blossoms

I bought Shanghai Girls in Costco for $4+. There were others by the same author, Dreams of Joy, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan but I bought one just to see if I will like it.

Sophie Kinsella’s The Undomestic Goddess, I bought it used at Green Apple for $5. I’ve read Confessions of a Shopaholic and I liked it a lot so I got this too.

For the other two books, I just bought them randomly because it was on sale. It was at $3.98 each with an extra 50% off. I only ended up paying $1.99 for each before taxes.

I walked out of the shop smiling with 3 books and the total bill was less than $10. =) This was a bit of an impulsive buy as it would take me a while to read all these books. I never have quite enough time everyday after work. I have to catch up with my movies, cross-stitch, blogging and other random stuff.

I really wonder how do others do it? I’ll write reviews when I get around to reading them. Won’t be for a long time though. haha

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