Black Friday Shopping

This year we went to downtown to shop at around 7am. Woke up at 6+. Can’t believe that I actually woke up earlier than any other days just to go shopping. By the time we got to downtown, quite a few people was out and shopping already.

This year was alright. The crowd wasn’t as crazy as last year maybe because we went an hour earlier. I stopped by H&M, Uniqlo, GAP, Superdry, Forever21, Nordstrom and Macy’s. I think this is about all the big shops that I went to.

Altogether I spent about $600+/-? Did some online shopping too. Gonna wait till everything comes then decide if there’s anything that I want to return hehe. Gonna do another post about all the things that I bought soon. =D

P/S: Another thing that we did besides shop was collecting kicks using the Shopkick app lol. I guess I’ll blog about this also some other time.

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