Cherry Blossom Festival

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I went with my husband and some co-workers to the annual cherry blossom festival in J-town this weekend. Lots of people there! There was a grand parade at 1pm – 3pm and lots of food stalls.

We lined up for 30 mins for takoyaki that was just alright and some bunch of random food such as the teriaki burger, fried mochi, butter mochi and spam musibi. I was too busy eating and didn’t take any pictures lol. We didn’t stay around for the parade. Just caught a glimpse of it while walking around.

There were some pretty interesting karate fights and anime costume contest. The best part of the day was having our pictures taken with the hello kitty mascot at Sanrio. It was $3 for the picture and they even print it out and put it in a nice card. So worth it. =)

Hello kitty group picture
Hello kitty group picture. So worth the $3!

Korean Food!

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It seems like I’ve been going on a food fest these past few days that I’ve been eating so much, I gained a bit of weight. Think I need to start exercising again to work off the few pounds I’ve put on. Anyways, I’ve always loved Korean food and here in Brunei, there are not many Korean restaurants and those that I have been to are not that satisfying and they don’t serve pork.

I just recently found out that there is one restaurant that serves pork so me and my sisters decided to try it out. We ordered half of the things on the menu and were quite satisfied with it. The pricing was just right and the food came in a large amount that we could barely finish it all.

We had the jajangmyeon (black bean noodle) but my sister was so fast, she finished it before I could take a picture of it ): We also ordered the Kimchi Chigae (Kimchi stew), samgeopsal (pork bacon strips) and I had the noodle with squid cooked in red bean paste. If you’re someone who can withstand very spicy food, this dish is best for you. It was a bit too spicy for me as I don’t really fancy spicy food.

As most of the things we ordered are spicy, my nephews who wanted to tag along, could not eat them. They had the sweet and sour pork instead. That was my favourite dish so far. They even cooked it together with papaya, nata de coco (coconut jelly) and cucumber. The meat was so sweet and chewy and the sweet papaya and coconut jelly went really well with it. Of course, there were side dishes. The side dishes included Kimchi and pickled radish.

Overall, I was quite happy with the food I ordered and was thinking of bringing my friends over there to try. Can’t wait!

Noodles with squid in red pepper sauce
Side dishes!
Samgeopsal (Pork Bacon Strips)
Barbecuing the bacon strips. Yum!

Sunny Days

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The weather’s been great this past weekend. Clear sunny skies are so rare in San Francisco. My husband was bugging me to go out for a walk in Golden Gate Park and I keep saying no at first but decided to go in the end since it really is nice and sunny outside.

I took longer than usual getting ready because we were waiting for my parents in law to be ready too. So I was taking my time putting on sun block (which I never use daily) and of course eyeliner! I also straightened my fringe and then changed etc.

Then my husband suddenly said, “Now I know why you don’t like to go out. Because it takes you so long to get ready. You can’t just change clothes and go like I do.”

I was like -_-”. I told him he should be glad that I’m not like other girls because I don’t put on makeup daily. All I need is my eyeliner and I am ready to go. I only use makeup when I go to special functions like wedding dinners and even then all I use is some BBcream, eyeliner, mascara and blusher. I don’t even use eye-shadows. And the most important thing is that guys can’t compare with girls!

Haha..that’s true right! Anyways, we went to the park and took a 3hr walk taking pictures on the way. Here are some pictures to share.

All the photos are taken with my iPhone 4s. The quality is amazing! I used the HDR function for these photos because its too bright outside.

How to download your personal data from Facebook

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I just found out that you can request to download your whole history from Facebook. I just did mine and its funny recalling all the messages, photos, etc. There’s a limit to what they can give you though.

Once you request for it, they have it available for download as a zip file. Inside contains history of your whole Facebook life. Photos and videos that you have shared on Facebook, wall posts, messages, chat conversations and list of friends.

What’s not included though is your friend’s personal information and comments that you have made on posts that are not yours.

One thing to keep in mind is that the downloaded file contains personal information, so KEEP IT SAFE!! Don’t download it on a public computer. Lol.

Anyway, I’ve taken some screenshot and described how to do it.

1. Go to Account Settings

2. Look for the part that says “Download a copy of your Facebook data

Facebook download personal history

3. Click on “Start My Archive

Start Facebook archive

4. A pop-up will show up with the message that it will take a while to gather all the information and that they will ask you to verify your identity to keep the account secure.

Pop-up showing request download

5. Click on “Start My Archive” and you will get another prompt telling you that you will receive an email when your archive is ready for download.

Email notification

6. After submitting that, the page will show that your information download is pending.

Facebook download information pending

7. Next is to just wait for the email. In my case, it took about 2 hrs and it will be sent to the email that your Facebook is registered with.

8. After receiving the email, go back to Account Settings and click on the download link again and you will be prompted to re-enter your password for security purposes.

Re-enter password

9.After entering your password, you will be brought to the download archive and it will also show your file size.

Facebook download archive

That’s all there is to it! Go try it out and have fun remembering everything that you have ever posted on Facebook. =)


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The books that I bought. Aren't they pretty. I must admit. I do judge books by their cover!

I went to Green Apple Books yesterday and bought some books plus another one I bought at Costco.

Lisa See – Shanghai Girls

Sophie Kinsella – The Undomestic Goddess

Nicole Mones – The Last Chinese Chef

Gail Tsukiyama – The Street Of A Thousand Blossoms

I bought Shanghai Girls in Costco for $4+. There were others by the same author, Dreams of Joy, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan but I bought one just to see if I will like it.

Sophie Kinsella’s The Undomestic Goddess, I bought it used at Green Apple for $5. I’ve read Confessions of a Shopaholic and I liked it a lot so I got this too.

For the other two books, I just bought them randomly because it was on sale. It was at $3.98 each with an extra 50% off. I only ended up paying $1.99 for each before taxes.

I walked out of the shop smiling with 3 books and the total bill was less than $10. =) This was a bit of an impulsive buy as it would take me a while to read all these books. I never have quite enough time everyday after work. I have to catch up with my movies, cross-stitch, blogging and other random stuff.

I really wonder how do others do it? I’ll write reviews when I get around to reading them. Won’t be for a long time though. haha


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So I mentioned in my previous post about Mitsuwa. Inside Mitsuwa, there’s a Japanese sweets shop called Mochicream. They sell lots of different flavors of mochi and some desserts. There’s a counter displaying all the mochi that they sell and when you go there, all you have to do is take a piece of the ordering list on top of the counter and tick off the ones that you want and write the quantity.

I don’t remember exactly what favors they have but I bought the mango, orange cheese, coffee, red bean, green tea, blueberry cream, rum raisin and some others. They are kinda overpriced. $2.10 for the fancy ones and about $1.80 for the more normal flavors.

Once you have filled in your sheet, just head to the register to pay and they will take your list and pack the mochi for you with they kept frozen in the freezer. I left mine in the car for the whole day as we shopped around and when I reached home at night, I just popped them into the fridge and ate them the next day.

Every flavor is yummy! Some have a caramelized filling that is crunchy when you bite into it and some have a cream filling. I can’t tell which is what. How I wish they label their mochi instead of giving it just like that.

Besides mochi, they have some small desserts also such as mango pudding, tiramisu, red velvet cakes etc. These are about $3.95 each.



Rows and rows of mochi

Rows and rows of mochi


Yummy cakes and desserts


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I went to Mitsuwa in San Jose with my husband and some friends last weekend. Its great! Mitsuwa is the largest Japanese marketplace in the U.S. There’s lots and lots of Japanese goodies there. Within Mitsuwa, there’s also a sweets/dessert shop called Mochicream. I’ll write about it more in my next post.

I love all the random small goodies that is found in Mitsuwa especially the Hello Kitty ones. =) It’s definitely worth a trip there. Right when we walked in, there’s a small strawberry section in front of us. Its full of small snacks, chocolates, cookies, candies and its all strawberry flavored. I picked out some strawberry pocky as it was cheaper than in normal stores.

We also went on a snacks shopping spree and bought a some melon pan, coffee soy milk, mochi, snacks, ramen etc. There’s also a restaurant inside the marketplace but I forgot what the name is.

All I remember was that there’s a really long line of people waiting to get in. Outside, there’s also a cart selling hot roasted chestnuts that looked so good. I’ll definitely go back there again in the near future and maybe try out the restaurant there next time.

Hello kitty nori chips

Hello kitty nori chips. I love the container but my husband won't let me buy it just for that. =(

Hello Kitty nori chips

Hello Kitty nori chips. $26.40 for 3 cans. Kinda pricey but I just want the container!

Green tea kit kat

Green tea kit kat

Strawberry tart kit kat

Strawberry tart kit kat

Panda pocky

Panda pocky cookies and cream flavor

Hello Kitty pocky

Hello Kitty pocky

Hello Kitty drink

Hello Kitty carbonated soft drink. Tastes quite nice. Kinda like bubblegum lol

Sumo tangerine

Some weird looking oranges called Sumo Tangerines

Strawberry pocky

Strawberry snacks corner

Hello Kitty marshmallows

Hello Kitty marshmallows

Qingming Festival

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Last weekend, I went with my husband and relatives to the cemetery to visit his grandma for qingming festival. We went early to avoid all the crowd and traffic every year. Qingming is when you go visit graves of departed ones, do some cleaning and pay respects to them. Kinda like spring cleaning I guess. hehe

Usually we bring lots and lots of food and we eat there after we pay our respects but it was drizzling a bit so we decided to just keep it simple and go somewhere else for breakfast after.This year Google have something special for qingming too! Just google “qingming festival” and see the results. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and you can see 2 animated bulls.If you click around on the white spaces on the page, you can see water ripples and occasionally a fish jumps out.

Google page. Love the leaves

This is how the search page looks like. Love the leaves

Cute bulls at the end of the page

Cute bulls at the end of the page. The kids and bulls are animated too if you click on them

We went to Kome after for the buffet. Love that place! There’s 24 of us in total and the price is reasonable too. I think it was $14.95 per person and seniors get $1 off. Better than nothing. lol. There’s so much food there. Lots of sushi and also cooked Asian food. Noodles, dim sum, dessert, ice cream etc.

Kome sushi buffet

Kome sushi buffet. My plate of sushi lol

Lotto Fever!

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We did an office pool for the 540 million mega lotto and collected a total of $65. Well, we didn’t win the jackpot but we won $7!! hahaha. Better than nothing I guess.

Everyone in the office agreed that the $7 should go into buying a gallon of milk and a pack of Oreo for a colleague because he said that he could chuck down a gallon of milk in 1 hr and eat a pack of Oreo on top of it. haha. I think we are doing the challenge this Friday.

Lets see what the outcome is!

Mega millions lotto

Our $65 worth of lotto

Julep Maven – March box

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As promised before, this is a post about the March box that I just received. This month’s box came with easter chocolates! I love how Julep always manage to give small gifts that makes me happy hehe. The February box came with valentine chocolates too.

Besides chocolates, there’s also a pedicure cream which contains shea butter and coconut oil. I have yet to try this out. Wonder how good it is. There’s also 2 shades of color and 2 toe separators.

Julep nail polish

Creamy blue and a shade of red

Julep pedi cream

Julep pedi cream

Julep Maven March box

Julep Maven March box. I forgot to take pictures of the cute chocolate eggs!