1st Wedding Anniversary

Its my first wedding anniversary soon! It falls on 11th March. Its a happy day for us but a sad day for many parts of the world as it is the day the tsunami hit Japan. Its weird how something always seem to happen on our big days.

First was the Japan disaster. Then when I came over to SF in September and officially got married here on 5th October 2001, Steve Jobs passed away. Its always a happy day for us but sad day for others. I always ask my husband, “When is our wedding anniversary?” Sometimes it takes him a while to remember. Lol. I said to him, he got lucky because if he ever forgets, he can just Google it.

We are planning to have a banquet in SF for his relatives and friends over here in October 14th. Hope nothing big happens during that time.

For our first anniversary, we were actually planning a trip to Napa Valley over the weekend, but his cousin called the night we were making plans and asked us if we wanted to go to Clear Lake over the weekend because he is renting a vacation house there. We agreed to go since its with the whole family and what not. Hope its a good decision! There would be about 15 of us plus BBQ! We’re planning to bring some korean bbq pork. I love them! We always buy them marinated at some Korean place in Daly city. I wonder what they have there. I would like to just relax and do nothing. Lol.

Will be adding pictures of the place after the trip. Check back soon!

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