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Wow..its been a really really long time since I updated my blog. I stopped in April when I went back to Brunei and after I got back to SF, some things happened and I guess its been that way ever since.

Anyways, it was my birthday few days ago. I can’t believe I’m so old now! >.< I have lots of pictures and stuff to upload on to the blog. Sigh!! I guess I need to get back to the blogging habit again.

Review: Yuubi SF

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One of my favorite sushi places lately. There’s so many different rolls and its not only yummy, its really pretty also. Like a work of art. We went there for dinner recently before Jeff’s mom leave for her Taiwan trip.

Prices are reasonable plus they have free valet parking. How great is that! And..if you check in on Foursquare, you get a big bottle of hot sake for $1.

Ok, now down to the things that we ordered. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to take pictures of all the food we ordered. =( But I did manage to get some. =D

Yuubi - Chicken Karaage

Hmm..actually I’m not sure what this is but it was good. lol I guess its a Japanese version of fried boxing chicken.

Yuubi - Vegetable Tempura

Vegetable Tempura appetizer.

Yuubi - Chicken Karaage

Chicken Karaage

Yuubi - My You Be Roll

My You Be roll. Its so pretty!.

Yuubi - Crispy Cube Roll

Crispy Cube roll. Tempura rice sheet with spicy tuna and pineapple.

Yuubi - Sakura roll

Sakura roll. Crispy daikon on the outside with tuna, lobster meat and mango on the inside

Yuubi - chicken Teriyaki

Chicken teriyaki. The portion is crazy big lol. We couldn’t finish it and had to take it home.

Can’t wait to go back again so I can try all the different rolls they have.

Bus Adventures: Random Encounters

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Been some time since I wrote a bus adventure post. I guess nothing much happened on the bus lately hehe.

Anyways, this encounter happened last week after my haircut in downtown. I was on my way home on the bus. There was a guy sitting near the door and I sat in front of him. Then, a girl got on on the next stop and sat next to the guy.

Then  I heard the guy say..”Its such a small world.” Then the girl laughed and say ya..and they proceeded to talk about random things, the weather, the city, etc. They were talking for a while and it sounded like they were old friends then suddenly the girl ask..so what’s your name?

In my head, I was like ??? You guys were talking for so long about everything laughing and joking all the way and you are actually strangers? Hahha. It was amusing. Then he was like oo..my name is Marty. And she’s like..I’m June..You know..like..April, May, June.

And they both started laughing again. Then he was telling her about how he travelled all over Asia and he started to name all the places that he’s been to and he actually mentioned Brunei and even said that its on Borneo Island. I was surprised that anyone actually know where Brunei is.

Then he said something about meeting lots of people, girls. etc and the girl asked..so are you married? And he said no. Never married. Then she was like..so never marry huh..Just fool around. And they both started laughing so loud and hitting each other on the arm.

Then the girl was like..here’s my phone number. Call me up sometime and we can talk more. I’m getting off the next stop.

I think its so cute how two random people can just sit down and start talking. This made my bus ride home so much better. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but I just can’t help it.

Review: Boudin Bakery

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Ahhh..clam chowder…so gooood. I was craving for clam chowder for quite a while now ever since I had the dream that I was going to get clam chowder. My dream felt so real! I was walking into the shop and looking at what I wanted to order. I can even taste the clam chowder.

The next thing I knew…I was late for work because I was busy dreaming and overslept. LOL. So I told Jeff about it and he was like..ok..lets go get some clam chowder this Friday. hehe

We went to the Boudin inside Macy’s because the other location was closed. Their menu options were actually cheaper than what I expected. Soup and salad combo was only $8.59 and the options were good. I think its a good lunch place to go to.

Anyways, I got the clam chowder in the bread bowl for $6.39 and Jeff ordered the Fra’ Mani Artisan Ham & Brie sandwich that comes with salad for $7.49. The clam chowder was so good..I think I can eat 3 bowls in one sitting. hehe


Breads and cookies on display. The Easter cookie is so cute!



Boudin clam chowder in a bread bowl

Bread bowl clam chowder

Boudin Fra' Mani Artisan Ham & Brie sandwich

Boudin Fra’ Mani Artisan Ham & Brie sandwich

Office Birthdays

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We celebrated Tiffany and Danny’s birthday in the office recently. Joint celebration since their birthday was only a few days apart. We ordered sandwiches from Prime Dip and it was yum yum. We ordered it through GrubHub and there was a $10 delivery fee but it was alright since it was shared between so many people.

I also stopped by California Bakery on the way to work to pick up a Tiramisu cake and we also had soju!!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Tiff and Danny!

California Bakery tiramisu cake

Happy Birthday!

Jason posing!

Waiting for cake

Everyone just waiting for Tiff to cut the cake up

Crab dip sandwich from Prime Dip

Crab dip roll with mashed potato side

Nova Tokyo tea

Tokyo tea from Nova

After work, we went to Nova to grab more drinks hahah.

Review: Ozone Thai Lunch

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Wheee..one of my favorite lunch spots. Its a to-go only lunch line situated outside Ozone Thai on 2nd and Brannan St.

You get to choose between white rice, brown rice and fried rice plus 2 sides for only $6 for the white rice, $7 for the brown and $8 for the fried rice. How great is that! Plus..the portions are HUGE! It usually lasts me for 2 meals lol.

Where else in the SOMA can you get lunch for 2 meals for $6. There’s usually a tofu dish, a vege dish, 2 kinds of curry and 2 other random dishes. I usually go for a curry side and a chicken/tofu side. Hmmm so yummy too.

Ozone Thai lunch

Cashew nut chicken and yellow curry

2nd Wedding Anniversary

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March 11. It was our 2nd wedding anniversary. Time flies. It felt like it was just few months ago. This day is also the day the big tsunami hit Japan so I will always remember it hehe. I didn’t get anything for Jeff though.. >.<

He got me some chocolates from Godiva, a Bloomingdale’s gift card for me to buy my Uggs and also a card which he said I can’t post cause his handwriting is so ugly. So all I did was take a picture of the outside hahah.

Godiva truffle chocolate

Godiva truffle chocolate. It was so creamy and full of yumminess

Bloomingdales giftcard

Wedding Card

Review: Sushi Bistro

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We recently went to Sushi Bistro for our 2nd year anniversary. It was a last minute thing that we decided to go there because I was craving for sushi hehe. We originally wanted to go to Yuubi but then decided to go to Sushi Bistro instead because we’ve never tried it out and the reviews look good on Yelp.

We ordered the omega-3 roll, the new legend, the snow crab classic roll and a chicken teriyaki. The rolls were really good. The plain snow crab roll came first and we were like..wow this taste great. And then the omega-3 came and we were like..ok this is even better than the snow crab roll.

Then..when the new legend roll came..we were like..omg this is the best. hahah. The new legend was really good. I would definitely get that when I go there again. The roll portions were big and the price was reasonable.

Between the two of us, we got 3 rolls and a chicken teriyaki set and we were pretty full. Can’t wait to go back again. Oh..they also serve all kinds of sake there with a bar area.

I wanted to take more pictures but the whole place was so dim that I could barely see my food lol. I’m surprised these pictures look alright after editing it because I can’t see anything before it was edited.

Sushi Bistro snow crab roll

Classic snow crab roll

Sushi Bistro Omega 3 roll

Omega 3 roll – deep fried albacore, salmon, avocado and asparagus, topped with fresh albacore, salmon and tobiko, drizzled with spicy soy

Sushi Bistro omega 3 roll

Closer look at the omega 3 roll

Hmm..I didn’t take a picture of the new legend roll! T_T I guess I was too excited to try it. lol.

Review: BA STAR Smoky Eye Shadow Palette

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I’ve recently received an eyes shadow palette to review courtesy of BA STAR and Brand Backer. =) They sent me a natural eye shadow palette that can be used to create different looks.

Besides eye shadows, they sell other beauty items such as cosmetic bags, head bands, mascara, etc. Ok so now for more information about the natural eye shadow palette. It comes in 5 different shades from a dark to light bronze/brown plus 2 glittery eye shadow that you can easily use to transform your look from day to night. =)

BA STAR Natural Eye Shadow Palette

The colors are great for creating a natural smoky look and the pigmentation on it is great. Glides on really well and stays on. Here’s some swatches that I took.

BA STAR Natural Eye Shadow Palette

Swatches under the sun

BA STAR Natural Eye Shadow Palette

Swatches in the shade

They are also having a promotion currently, if you order 2 or more kits plus free shipping! You can find the kits here. Besides giving me a palette to review, they also gave me a BA STAR coupon code offering my readers a 50% off discount! Just enter BBSMOKY during checkout.

BA STAR Eye Shadow Palette

BA STAR Eye Shadow Palette